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Prison Break Market - North facing

Play Braamfontein 1 | 3D ready

Hyde Park Corner

Paarden Eiland - Cape Town

Primary Colours, Digital Billboard, Play Braamfontein, KFC

Play Braamfontein 2 | 3D ready

Primary Colours, Digital Billboard, The Woods, 3D parallax

The Woods Craighall | 3D ready

Primary Colours, Digital Billboard, Prison Break

Prison Break South & North

Durban Port Authority


Fourways Mall Interior

Grayston Drive

Melrose Arch

Primary Colours, digital billboard, 3D parallax

Play Braamfontein - 3D parallax

Primary Colours, Digital Billboard, Fourways Mall Ext

Fourways Mall Exterior


Linden Road

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Primary Colours works with global leaders in display and communications systems to deliver crystal-clear visual and audio signals when and where you want them. We leverage both hardware and software to create tailormade solutions and get your message across in an unmissable, cost-effective way.


Using a specifically designed lightweight aluminium backed LED, the units installed at Prison Break have exceptional heat dissipation properties, as well as excellent display brightness and visibility. This dual screen setup was installed to maximise visibility to both north and southbound traffic in the two peak traffic times at this highly visible site. 

Play Braamfontein 1 | 3D parallax ready

Using corner-joined LED displays these two installations within the Play Braamfontein district offer great opportunities for the use of 3D parallax content, as currently being displayed for KFC and Hi Tec Sneakers.


This North facing corner billboard is directly opposite Hyde Park corner offering excellent visibility to South bound traffic on Jan Smuts avenue approaching Dunkeld.


Primary Colours recent installation of a west facing vertical LED billboard, in Cape Town’s Paarden Eiland district, demonstrates the fantastic visibility to northbound traffic heading out of the city centre.