Unveiling the Science Behind Digital Display Mastery

In the bustling realm of digital media, where innovation meets imagination, there exists a beacon of brilliance: Primary Colours. Step into their world, where every pixel tells a story, and every display is a canvas for creativity and technology to converge. Aspect Ratio: The Canvas of Creativity At Primary Colours, we understand that the foundation […]

Mastering Digital Media Ownership: Best Practices and Strategies

In today’s digital landscape, owning and managing digital media spaces presents both opportunities and challenges. From creating engaging content to navigating regulatory requirements, media owners must adopt best practices to maximize the impact and effectiveness of their displays. Here are some key strategies for mastering digital media ownership: Ownership Responsibilities Owning digital media spaces comes […]

Primary Colours: Leading the Way in Digital Display Solutions

The digital display industry is undergoing a profound transformation, with traditional printed media giving way to dynamic, eye-catching digital displays. In this rapidly evolving landscape, choosing the right technology and service provider is paramount for media owners seeking to maximize their impact and return on investment. Enter Primary Colours, the market leaders in digital display […]

Primary Colours Unveils South Africa’s First Smart Lighting Architectural Installation

Johannesburg’s Rosebank has long been known as a cosmopolitan, trend-setting district, but now, thanks to digital display services company Primary Colours, it’s not just the street fashion that’s turning heads. Opposite the Gautrain station on the Oxford Road thoroughfare, the iconic Rosebank Link building features the future of display advertising. Billboards on the sides of […]


Using a specifically designed lightweight aluminium backed LED, the units installed at Prison Break have exceptional heat dissipation properties, as well as excellent display brightness and visibility. This dual screen setup was installed to maximise visibility to both north and southbound traffic in the two peak traffic times at this highly visible site.