Not everyone can handle the pressure of being continuously in the public eye, but that’s what we thrive on at Primary Colours. It’s how we judge our achievements, and how we set ourselves the targets that see us constantly improve.
In today’s world, we are all bombarded with visual information. Much of it is the optical equivalent of background noise, and all that clutter occupies people’s eyeballs. Getting your message across means using the optimum combination of technology, targeting and location.

That’s exactly what Primary Colours does. Whatever the message that you want to convey, from simple (but accurate) data to live video streams, we help you put it in front of the people who need to see it, when and where they’re most receptive.

We don’t sell off-the-shelf solutions; we develop bespoke solutions to solve your problems and exceed your expectations.


We have accumulated over 21 cumulative years of experience in digital display technology, and our proven track record of successfully completed projects means that wherever you are when you read this, you’ve probably seen an example of our work today.


We operate at the cutting edge of technological advances, ensuring that you have access to the brightest ideas on the market. We work closely with our hardware and software suppliers to apply what we’ve learned and constantly improve.


We pride ourselves on our customer service and our attention to detail. We take a hands-on approach to problem-solving and make it our business to understand your business. The result is more bang for your display buck.

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We harness the power of digital technology to capture eyeballs, hearts and minds.

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