Primary Colours works with global leaders in display and communications systems to deliver crystal-clear visual and audio signals when and where you want them. We leverage both hardware and software to create tailormade solutions and get your message across in an unmissable, cost-effective way.

Advertising Displays

Our displays allow you to update, animate, and illuminate both your message and your audience.

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Our IP TV solutions allow seamless integration of broadcast proprietary video content and multimedia sources (including live-streaming social media) using our digital signage technology.

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Digital Signage Systems

Digital signage systems allow you to communicate with entire communities by providing the information that people need to make decisions.

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Video Distribution Systems

Video content only becomes powerful when you can put it in front of the right audience.

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Corporate AV

Whether firing up your team on opening fire on the competition, the ability to present complex ideas clearly and succinctly is a vital modern business skill.

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Digital Billboards

Today’s consumers are on the move, which means that Out of Home (OOH) advertising is the way to reach them.

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Score Boards

Give your clients the best chance of a first-place finish or a series victory – test our score boards today and you won’t need to try anything else.

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Video Displays

We offer a wide range of video display and video wall solutions, giving you multiple options when it comes to resolution, size and thickness.

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Control Room Systems

With our bespoke control room systems, you’ll be able to see at a glance the exact status and operations of your entire transportation network or infrastructure set-up.

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