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digital display technology.
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Welcome to Primary Colours.

We’re market leaders in digital display services. We offer bespoke, turnkey solutions to corporates, media companies, architects and property owners looking to deliver impactful advertising, infotainment, and illumination.

From conceptualisation to execution and ongoing service and support, our digital display solutions will enable you to extend your reach. We can help you create lasting, positive impressions of your brand or message.

We harness the power of digital technology to capture eyeballs, hearts, and minds.

Contact us today to discover how we can harness the power of digital displays for your clients.

Control Room Systems

We’re ready to deliver on the promise of the latest digital display technology.

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Score Boards

Give your clients the best chance of a first-place finish or a series victory.

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Digital Billboards

Our digital billboard solutions offer unparalleled display quality and clarity and can be updated at the push of a button.

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